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In May we are featuring Catalonia, Spain and a wonderful program called "The Cuisine of Catalonia". Stay in a medieval hotel and take cooking classes from a talented local chef. Our recipe of the month is also from Catalonia and is "Emporda Rice".  We also highlight some other wonderful Spain tours in the Rioja and Asturias regions of the country. 


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May 2011 News La Rioja Wine FestivalLa Rioja Wine Festival
Rioja, Spain - 4 nights
Available May and September (and year round custom departures) 



Welcome to La Rioja, internationally famous region for its acclaimed wines and gastronomy. Join us for an outstanding gourmet wine vacation, tailor-made for groups or individuals who enjoy excellent wine and amazing food.



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May 2011 News Active Gourmet The Active Gourmet in Green Spain

Asturias, Spain - 6 nights

Available April to October


Join us for a 6-night walking and culinary journey in Asturias, the heart of Green Spain. Still largely "undiscovered" as a tourist destination, this magical corner of the world offers breath-taking landscapes, deeply rooted tradition and tasty regional gastronomy. It's a paradise for walking: rolling hills, limestone spires, sandy shores and quiet coves. It's a temptation for the gourmet: fresh seafood, artisan cheeses, apple cider and free-range beef. Our 7-day itinerary in Asturias is designed to make the most of the region's incredible diversity, with a variety of activities included.


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May 2011 News Cuisine of CataloniaThe Cuisine of Catalonia

Catalonia, Spain - 4 nights

Available March to June and September to October - Monday to Friday





 Enjoy professional hands-on cooking classes with a renowned Catalan chef in an ancient village in Spain. You will learn traditional Catalan cooking techniques and will stay in a beautiful four star hotel. This program focuses on fun and informative cooking lessons with a chef who is not just a professional, but who is friendly and who will make you feel right at home from the beginning discovering this wonderful cuisine.

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 Client Testimonial




May 2011 News - Client Testimonial


 "Hi Jo-Ann


Here is a picture from the cooking school. The experience was fantastic! We all loved it! Thanks again for a very memorable experience while in Italy".


 Susan B., Wenonah, NJ   


















Recipe of the Month

 Emporda Rice (North Catalonia Rice)

("The Cuisine of Catalonia" Program)

4 persons
400 g. rice  
200 g. squid rings 
150 g. pork  
4 sausages   
¼  chicken
4 prawns
4 onions
2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
2 artichokes
60 g. peas
2 litres fish stock


May 2011 News - Cuisine of Catalonia Group



Place an iron casserole dish on the stove, add oil and fry the chicken, pork and sausages until golden brown then remove from the casserole dish.

Cook the onion until it is dark brown. Add a small amount of water every now and again to help the onion caramelise and create a jam texture. Stir constantly.

Once the onion is the right colour, add the previously diced green peppers and a few cloves of garlic (whole). Once all this is dark in colour, add a small amount of fresh grated tomato.


Add the diced squid and artichokes and stir constantly for 15 minutes. Add a few drops of water to make sure the mixture doesn't burn.


Add the rice to the casserole dish and stir in with the onion and squid, then add the fish stock and previously cooked meat. Leave to cook for 12 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure the rice doesn't stick to the bottom of the casserole dish. Add salt and leave for 16 minutes. Then remove from stove and let the rice cook using the residual heat of the iron casserole dish (this will ensure the rice doesn't overcook).











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"Thank you so much for organising what turned out to be the holiday of a lifetime. Everything was first class from the luxury accommodation and transportation to our fantastic tour guides and spectacular excursions. While we went without a true understanding of Peruvian cuisine, we were blown away by the variety and quality of the produce and techniques used in the restaurants selected for us. We are already looking on the website for our next destination!" - Brenda A. and Lynne A., Glasgow, Scotland

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