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August News from Active Gourmet Holidays
Autumn in Europe - Wine Harvest, Olive Harvest and More! August 2014

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Greetings from Active Gourmet Holidays!

How long has the Amalfi Coast been on your travel list? And how about Spain and Greece? Check out our great foodie vacations below for a fall trip and try our summer recipe hailing from a great chef in Rome. 


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Aug 2014 News - Positano CookingPositano Cooking
Amalfi Coast, Italy - 5 nights

Available April to October

Anyone who has ever traveled to the Amalfi coast raves about its gorgeous coastline, wonderful people and its tranquility. During this holiday, you will stay in a beautiful four star hotel with a sea view, take hands on cooking lessons with a talented and popular chef, visit a working farm and have lunch with the owners and enjoy all that the area has to offer, including a guided visit to the wondrous Pompeii. Indulge in delectable cuisine, world famous wines and immerse yourself in the Italian way of life. Positano is the most charming and picturesque village on the Amalfi Coast and boasts breathtaking views, the best shops and gourmet restaurants.


Aug 2014 News - Wine & Chocolate Lover's TourWine & Chocolate Lover's Tour 
Barcelona/Empord√°, Italy - 6 nights  
Available year round 
Designed exclusively for Active Gourmet Holidays' clients, this Wine & Chocolate Lovers tour is for those who wish to indulge in all the delicious delights of what Spain has to offer. Your six night adventure includes a stay at luxury four star accommodations, private guided visits to wineries, walking tours of  cultural places of interest, a cooking class with a local Catalan chef, and divine chocolate tastings that will leave your palate feeling very happy it found its way to this treasured part of Spain! 


Aug 2014 News - Essence of GreeceThe Essence of Greece 
Poros Island, Greece - 7 nights
Available April to October - Saturday to Saturday

This week long culinary tour of Greece features fabulous food and excellent wines, colorful open-air markets bursting with gorgeous local products and four unique hands-on cooking classes that explore the healthiest and most delicious food in the world in one of the world's most captivating destinations. Nothing can bring you closer to the essence of Greece than this fantastic hands-on cooking vacation. This culinary tour takes you way beyond the usual tourist experience to get to know the real Greece - tasting, smelling, seeing, touching and learning how to create delicious, authentic Greek dishes yourself.

Read more: The Essence of Greece


 Client Testimonial 


Aug 2014 News - Client - Savoring Crete

 "The AGH experience was exactly what I hope for in a cooking adventure! Not only was the sign up easy, but there was a proper amount of interaction prior to the trip. At no time was I concerned that my trip wasn't going to go as planned. Once I arrived, my guide was both professional and friendly. He was very welcoming and made the experience one that I will always remember. Not only did we cook and eat (a lot!), but the guide introduced me to the culture of Crete. I appreciated that I didn't feel like I was on a "tour" but able to learn about the Cretan culture in a very organic and spontaneous way."


Kimberly A., Nevada City, California  



("The Flavours of Rome" Program

Ingredients (for 4)

12 large zucchini blossoms
100g flour
3 anchovies
4 slices mozzarella
1 cup ice-cold sparkling water or beer
1 liter canola oil
a little sea salt

Aug 2014 News - Fried Zucchini Flowers - Rome
1. Remove the stem inside each blossom, and the filaments that run up the side of the flower. Cut off the external stem where it meets the base of the flower.

2. Combine the flour with the water or beer in a large bowl, making a thin batter. Then stuff the blossoms with chopped mozzarella and anchovies. (Or pipe in the ricotta.)

3. Dunk the stuffed blossoms in the batter.

4. Fry in hot canola oil, turning once, until the batter is crisp and golden on both sides, then remove from the oil to a plate lined with paper towels. Sprinkle the salt over them.




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Hi Jo-Ann - We wanted to let you know that we had an AMAZING time at the cooking school. My mother and I could not have had a better time. Paola and Simonetta were such wonderful hosts and teachers. We were treated like family. The house and property were beautiful. The hands-on cooking classes were so much fun...we learned so many great recipes that I cannot wait to test on my friends back home. I will definitely be recommending this experience to all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for all of your help in setting up this once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation. It is something neither one of us will ever forget!


Best, Erin S. and Flor V.,
New York, New York

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