Active Gourmet Holidays
Active Gourmet Holidays

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card (MC, Visa, AmEx), check, money order or wire transfer. *Please see Reserve page for details.

Where can I find out the current dates and prices for the schools?

Most programs have the dates and prices listed on its own page. For those programs that don't have dates, please inquire, as they are more flexible in accommodating your requested time of travel.

Do I need to tip?

In general, tips and gratuities are included in the package, unless otherwise noted. When on your own before or after the program, in Italy for example, you don’t need to leave tips but can leave an extra 5% to 10%; small tips to hotel staff are appreciated – 1 Euro per day for chambermaids, a few Euros for bellhops, doormen calling a cab, 50 cents.  Taxis are happy with 5%-10%. 

What is included in the price?

At the bottom of each vacation page, you will find a paragraph detailing what is and is not included in the vacation (i.e. airfare).

Where do I find out the current exchange rate for the country I'm traveling in?

Click on one of the online Currency Converter Links below for the current exchange rates of 164 different world currencies.


Send us the link to your favorite currency converter and we may include it here!

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