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November 2011

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Greetings from Active Gourmet Holidays!



In November we feature two wonderful chefs - Chef Paolo in Tuscany  "Tuscan Cooking in Lucca" offering either a 7 night culinary vacation or if you only have a day, take a day cooking class. Click the link above for more information. Our other featured chef is Chef Katherine in Burgundy who offers a divine program called  "Culinary and Wine Adventures in Hidden Burgundy" and also treats us to a beautiful and delicious winter recipe. (See below). Please make sure to inquire about our Girlfriend Getaway to Burgundy only being offered between April 22 and May 20, 2012. it's the same itinerary as the above link with just a couple of special changes. A perfect holiday gift for that special woman and a 10% discount for clients booking by the end of 2011!


There is still time to register for "The Active Foodie in Provence"  which has proven to be a big hit with our clients so we are offering it April 29-May 5, 2012. See more information below and register now!


For more information on specific tours or pricing, please email Jo-Ann Gaidosz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at


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 October 2011 News Active FoodieThe Active Foodie in Provence
Provence, France -  6 nights
Available April 29-May 5, 2012 - Friday to Monday

(other dates upon request)


This program combines wandering about the glorious and varied countryside of Provence, and cooking together with friends (new and old!). You will learn authentic Provençal cuisine, naturally rich in vegetables, olive oil, and with minimal fats, but after a week of feasting, coupled with hiking, you will not worry about facing the scales when you get home. 


Read more: The Active Foodie in Provence 




Nov 2011 News Cul and Wine BurgundyCulinary and Wine Adventures in Hidden Burgundy

Burgundy, France - 6 nights 
Available April to December



Experience the delights of hidden Burgundy. You will be introduced to its gastronomic secrets and will join in on 'hands on culinary and wine adventures'. Discover the 1er and Grand Cru Vineyards with our renowned wine expert with exclusive access to some of the most famous Domaine's in the Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune. Create dishes from our seasonal cook book, be inspired by the vibrant market of Dijon, take a Master class with 1* Michelin Chef Laurent Peugeot at 'La Charlemagne' , get creative with our traditional baker and dine out at 3* Michelin Restaurant 'Bernard Loiseau. 



Read more: Culinary and Wine Adventures in Hidden Burgundy 


November 2011 News A Taste of Peru for FoodiesA Taste of Peru for Foodies

Lima/Cusco, Peru - 7 nights

Available year round  









Peru has become a new and popular culinary destination as featured in Newsweek, NY Times, Travel & Leisure, Condé Nast, etc.  This tour mixes a taste of native, "criolla" and traditional food with the trendy fusion through hands-on cooking classes, demonstrations and tasting menus. All of this is wrapped up within a framework of history and culture that explains every part of the tour and helps our guests understand the origin of all these great tastes. A Taste of Peru for Foodies has the best balance for someone with some experience or just the love for food.   





 Read more: A Taste of Peru for Foodies   








The holidays are right around the corner. Inquire about a gift certificate for a loved one. A culinary trip is a perfect gift for that foodie in your life!


 Client Testimonial




Nov 2011 News Client Photo 


 " We took a one day fish cooking class. We really appreciated everyone's willingness to work around our dietary needs. The class was wonderful and the final products tasty. Chef Paolo is a great instructor."

 Evelyn M., Potomac, Maryland


Recipe of the Month


("Culinary and Wine Adventures in Hidden Burgundy" Tour)


For 8 guests as an appetizer


2 yellow beets

2 purple beets

2 pink beets

1lb fresh firm goat's cheese, drained if necessary

pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tbsp finely chopped chives

mandarin oil

rocket arugula oil

olive oil

beetroot coulis (you will need 2 purple beets for this)

white balsamic vinegar syrup or black balsamic syrup if you cannot find the white

fresh rocket (arugula) to decorate


You will need a 3/4cm pastry cutter depending on the size of your beets



Nov 2011 News Recipe Photo 




Wrap the beets in foil and cook in the oven until soft

Skin them and puree with 1tbsp of vinegar, taste and add more vinegar if necessary

sieve the mixture into a clean jug

If the coulis is slightly too thick add a small spoon of water and mix

Pour into a small plastic squeezy bottle to be used later - chill




In a small blender add ¾ cup of olive oil and a generous handful of clean arugula

Blend until smooth and bright green

Pour into a small plastic squeezy bottle to be used later - chill




Wrap the beets individually in foil and roast for at least an hour in a medium oven or until a knife goes smoothly into the beets with no resistance

Take them out, cool, peel and slice into approx 3mm slithers

*Pro - Tip to achieve the professional look take the pastry cutter and cut out the perfect circle! How easy is that!!

Keep all 3 colors separate to avoid running colours - chill




In a bowl mush up the goats cheese with your fingers and add a pinch of salt, black pepper and the chopped chives

With damp hands roll out small balls of goats cheese and place them on a tray lined with non stick paper or seram wrap - you need 3 per person

*Think! you need to remember your potion control, so divide the weight of your goat's cheese into 8 (that's how many you are making for) and then by 3 (for the 3 goat's cheese ball per portion)

chill in the fridge for 1hr




Prepare 8 medium sized plates

*Pro-Tip think about how restaurants often use much larger plates than necessary for the entrée - purely for presentation! It makes a big difference than a crowded entrée plate.

before placing 3 balls of goat's cheese on your plate think about the design of your presentation

for square or rectangular try arranging them in a straight line

for a round try thinking about the beets in the middle and the goat's cheese around the outside

then using the rocket (arugula) oil sq







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