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We have just returned from Mexico scouting out some wonderful venues and will shortly be adding a unique "Cooking and Yoga" tour - stay tuned!
Check out our new "Cooking with Madeira Wine" tour, exclusively created for Active Gourmet Holidays' clients. We have had such success with our "Cooking with  Port Wine" tour that it only made sense to continue the theme in Portugal's lovely Island of Madeira.
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 NEW! AGH April 2010 News Program photoSorrento's Kitchen
(Options: Day Cooking Classes, Longer or Shorter Stays)
Sorrento, Italy - 4 or 6 nights
Available year round
Learn to cook authentic dishes from southern Italy and Sorrento by participating in hands-on cooking classes in a professional kitchen. Your passionate and imaginative chef will share with you the secrets of this cuisine leaving you ready to return home to impress your family and friends. You will stay in a luxurious boutique hotel located in the beautiful Sorrento peninsula. The hotel was once an ancient home which has been carefully and tastefully restored offering you incomparable comfort.

April News Madeira Program PhotoNEW! Cooking with Madeira Wine
Madeira, Portugal - 6 nights
Available year round
Discover how Madeira's unique climate and soil contribute to the unrivalled distinctiveness of Madeira Wine. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the hand-grown vines, planted in small plots of land on terraces supported by stone walls along the slopes of the mountains. Spend 6 nights on a beautiful island learning how to cook with this precious wine, take guided walks and excursions and immerse yourself in this magical place!
April News Puglia Program PhotoAuthentic Mediterranean Cooking in Puglia
(Options: Day Cooking Classes, Italian Lessons, Custom Tours)
Puglia, Italy - 3 or 5 nights
Available year round

Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot, is an ideal location for a gourmet holiday. Puglia is home to the true Mediterranean Cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, vegetables, legumes, hand-made pasta.  Puglia's cuisine is delicious, yet simple at the same time. It is in essence a home-based cuisine. Puglia produces the largest amount of extra virgin olive oil in Italy and is one of Italy's largest wine producers. When travelling through Puglia, you will notice long rows of grape vines that stretch off into the distance.
April News Provence Cooking Program PhotoProvence Cooking Classes
Provence, France - 6 nights
Available June and September - Tuesday to Monday

Twenty minutes east of Nyons, the olive capital of France, lies an 18th century 3 story stone "mas" (Proven├žal farmhouse) nestled in the hills outside the village of Condorcet. Enjoy a breath-taking view and a climate said to be among the most agreeable in all of France. Savor blue skies, sunlight in all its shades and shadows, old farm-houses of yellowed stone and mottled clay-tiled roofs, and its holy trinity of lamb, goat and olive

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"Sorrento's Kitchen"
"Cooking with Madeira Wine"
"Authentic Mediterranean Cooking in Puglia"
"Provence Cooking Classes"
Client Testimonial
  Client Testimonial


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 "We so enjoyed the cooking classes - Susanna was an awesome instructor! We learned new tricks and shared some good tips with each other. One thing we really liked about Susanna was her varied experience in what was available here in the States versus what we were using in Portugal. The villa was simply beautiful with spectacular views right outside our door. The staff there was warm and accommodating to my more special situation. While it would have been great for some of our friends to have joined us it was extremely wonderful to have these two weeks to ourselves on so very many levels."  - Frank H. and Mary C. - Champaign, Ilinois  

Recipe of the Month


Caprese Style Ravioli
 ("Sorrento's Kitchen")

Filling : Ingredients
1/3 cup of ricotta cheese;
1 slice of mozzarella cheese;
1 table spoon of grated parmesan;

To obtain the filling for our exquisite ravioli mix together through a food processor, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, basil, a handful of grated parmesan minimum 1 hour in advance, and leave the mixture in the refrigerator.
In the meantime prepare the dough.
Notes: It is advisable to buy all the cheeses the previous day and keep them in the refrigerator. 

AGH April 2010 News Recipe Photo
Pasta: Ingredients

1 cup of flour;
1/4 cup of water;
1 egg;
1 table spoon of olive oil;
Italian pinch of sea salt.
Place the flour on the work top and add 1 table spoon of olive oil, the egg and a pinch of salt.
Use a fork to incorporate the flour, adding the water a little at a time Cover with flour and pat down with hand. Knead until a smooth dough is obtained. Divide the dough into two parts.
Take one half of the dough and roll out until a "thin" base is obtained.
Add flour to keep from sticking to surface and rolling pin, but no not over-work this dough.
Brush off excess flour from both sides of base. Brush the top of base with beaten egg. Place teaspoonfuls of the filling at regular intervals on the base (you can also do little balls). Filling should be 2 finger-widths apart.
Roll out the other half of the dough and place over the base. Cut out the ravioli using a ravioli cutters - smaller one to press, larger one to cut.

To cook
Place the ravioli in a pan of boiling salted water.
After a few minutes the ravioli will rise to the surface.
Using a skimming ladle, remove the ravioli and add to the previously prepared tomato sauce.
Sprinkle generously with grated parmesan and fresh basil and the dish is ready. 

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