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Active Gourmet Holidays brings you 3 brand new tours this month. You spoke and we listened so we have added a "Cooking, Hiking and Yoga" tour in Tuscany. In addition, take a look at "Catalan Tastes" on the France/Spain border and "The Best of Barcelona" for those who want to visit one of the most fascinating cities in the world.  


The recipe for March features a stuffed pepper recipe from French Catalonia.


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March 2013 News - Ck, Hike, Yoga Tuscany
NEW! - Cooking, Hiking and Yoga in Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy - 4 or 7 nights

Available March to November

If you are looking for breathtaking views of the Tuscan hillside, a tranquil environment in which to relax and "take it all in", a traditional Tuscan property with beautifully decorated rooms, yoga, hiking and cooking classes - look no further! This program features hands on cooking classes with an entertaining and professional chef, daily morning yoga classes with a certified instructor, wine tours led by a young, professional English speaking sommelier and guided hikes with picnic lunches. Choose from a 4 or 7 night itinerary with or without yoga. This tour has it all!

Read more: Cooking, Hiking and Yoga in Tuscany     

March 2013 News - Catalan Tastes
NEW! - Catalan Tastes
France/Spain border - 6 nights  
Available March-May, August-October 
Enjoy a food and wine experience like no other in the south of France close to the border of Spain. This is the best of Catalonia and it awaits you for a six night escape into this interesting and gourmet haven in France. Your experience will include market visits, communal preparation of meals, master classes with chefs, visits to local food producers, lunch and tastings at vineyards. This largely undiscovered area of France and Spain in the heart of the Mediterranean Pyreenes awaits those who love to eat and has a passion for great food!


March 2013 Best of Barcelona
NEW! - The Best of Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain - 3 nights 
Available year round 

You have heard about Barcelona for years so why not put it on your list of travel destinations? This tour is the perfect way to see and taste all that is Barcelona in just a few short days. It is a combination of gastronomy, wine and architecture and after the tour you will have gained a comprehensive view of what Barcelona is all about: great gastronomy, diverse history and unique architecture and design. Your English/Spanish speaking guide is a local expert in these three areas and is anxious to share the highlights of this spectacular city in Spain. 

 Client Testimonial 


March 2013_Sicilian Flavours_remark

"Jo-Ann, Sicily was better than I even anticipated, really! We three had such a wonderful, wonderful time!
The transfer service and drivers were absolutely great - absolutely! They were so very friendly and cordial!!!, always punctual (early, most of the time!!!), informative and just a great addition for our first visit to Sicily. We had never traveled in this style before; it was the best!
Every single place we stayed was unique and really gave us a wide variety of exposures. It was soooo fun and delicious! We wouldn't trade this trip for the world:-)  It was wonderful and we thank you beyond words for helping us discover Sicily...can't say enough good about our trip!."

Nancy F., Manitoba, Canada


("Catalan Tastes" Program

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes 



2 jars piquillo red peppers

5 small green peppers, (padron)

½ lb Salt cod (bacalao) soaked for 24hrs with at least 3 changes of water

1lb potatoes

2 cloves garlic crushed

Bay leaf

1/4lb grated Manchego cheese

Olive oïl


2 teaspoons fresh chopped parsley

March 2013 News Recipe Photo_catalan  



Peel and boil the potatoes together with the garlic. Mash and set aside to cool. Preheat oven to 400F.

Poach the salt cod with a bay leaf and pepper for 10 minutes, drain and remove flakes of fish discarding the skin and any bones.

Mix the cooked fish and the mashed potato together and add a dash of olive oïl and season to taste.

Drain the piquillo peppers and stuff with the potato and fish mash. Arrange in a single layer in an oven proof dish.

Cover with grated cheese and a drizzle of olive oïl.

Oil the small green peppers and scatter on top.

Bake in the oven for 20- 25 minutes at 400F and serve hot with sourdough bread - Bon appetit!



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