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Greetings from Active Gourmet Holidays!

Active Gourmet Holidays brings you a great new tour called "Authentic Marrakech" along with a delicious tajine recipe. We also highlight "Culinary Sicily" and "The Legacy of Al Andalus". 


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Culinary SicilyApril 2103 News Culinary Sicily
Sicily, Italy - 7 nights

Available year round (excluding August)

Discover the secrets of Sicily with this unforgettable seven night experience. Stay in three different accommodations while immersing yourself in the tastes and flavors of this very special land. Take hands-on cooking classes with chefs, including the famous Eleanora Consoli, visit areas of interest including The Valley of the Temples and enjoy the culinary side of Sicily!

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April 2013 News Legacy of al AndalusThe Legacy of Al Andalus
Andalusia, Spain - 7 nights  
Available year round 
The Legacy of Al Andalus will enable you to discover and explore the abundant history and culture of three of the most enchanting cities in the region, Seville, Granada and Córdoba - especially in its exceptional food and wine. In Andalusia, life is lived to the fullest and eating and drinking are taken very seriously. This holiday offers you unrivalled gastronomy, incredible wines, food and cultural visits.


April 2013 News - Authentic MarrakechNEW! - Authentic Marrakech
Marrakech, Morocco - 7 nights
Available year round - Saturday to Saturday

For an authentic look into Moroccan life, take a look at this tour! You will stay in a beautifully furnished riad (an authentic Moroccan home) and take hands on cooking classes in a well designed spacious kitchen where each student has his/her own prep space. Your host has a vivacious personality and will teach you a variety of delicious Moroccan dishes. You will also experience a trip to the market to buy your ingredients, but not before learning a bit of Arabic so you can converse with the locals! Your hosts are very generous and will do their best to immerse you in the customs, foods and flavors of this magical city.

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 Client Testimonial 


April 2013 News - Client Remark

"Dear Jo-Ann: We just came back. let me tell you that everything was perfect, the cooking classes were fantastic, very professional, we loved them. The city tour and food guide was very nice and took us everywhere, so I want to thank you for what you did for me. I'm sending you some pictures. Thanks and I will contact you in the future.  Isabel C., Houston, Texas 



("Authentic Marrakech" Program


1 tablespoon sweet red paprika (not the dark or Hungarian one, it will be too bitter)

1 tablespoon cumin

3 star anise left whole for removing before serving

Tiny piece of mace crunched up

4 tablespoons sugar

A scatter of coriander seeds

Generous teaspoon of lemon anise seeds, ground in your hands until you can smell the aroma 
1 head of pink garlic flattened and peeled and roughly chopped 

1 large red onion - sliced into fine rings and then chopped

Cover the bottom of the sauce pan with olive oil..if you can't find Moroccan, then use Spanish

5 tomatoes peeled with a vegetable peeler then finely chopped - it helps to make a little incision with a sharp knife to have a 'beginning' for your peeler. We never boil the water as it stews the tomatoes and doesn't let the flavors release slowly.

Put all the ingredients, except for the tomatoes into the saucepan, over a diffuser and caramelize down, until everything begins to stick to the side of the saucepan but not the bottom. This will take around 20 minutes to half an hour. 

Add the chopped tomatoes and continue to cook down over the diffuser until it is quite reduced. This divine dish freezes wonderfully or keeps for a couple of days in the fridge, before it begins to separate.

  April 2013 Recipe Photo


½ lb twice minced beef or lamb. This is important as the meat holds together nicely

1 tablespoon cumin

Handful of finely chopped coriander

4 garlic cloves finely chopped

Juice of a fat lemon

Mix all the ingredients together and roll into balls the size of big marbles

Place your tajine on its diffuser, on top of the stove over a gentle heat.

Add about 1/3 cup of boiling water to your tajine.

Fill the base of your tajine up to the first 'rim', with tomato jam, remembering to take out the star anise

Warm the tomato jam and add the kefta balls in a circle, pushing them down into the jam but not hitting the bottom.

Simmer for about 15 minutes

Break 4 eggs close to the sides and when the whites begin to turn white, fork the yolks dragging them across the top. Be careful not to dig up the jam when doing this.

Place the lid on the tajine and leave for about 5 minutes still on the diffuser over a low, low heat. If the tajine is by now too full, use a big saucepan lid that sits beyond the edge of the tajine, instead of the tajine top which will sink into its place and also sink into what is now, a bit too much!

When cooked, add coriander and sweet red paprika floats. It's divine to eat traditionally, from the tajine, with bread, rather than a fork.

Makes a fabulous Sunday Brunch.



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"Thank you so much for organising what turned out to be the holiday of a lifetime. Everything was first class from the luxury accommodation and transportation to our fantastic tour guides and spectacular excursions. While we went without a true understanding of Peruvian cuisine, we were blown away by the variety and quality of the produce and techniques used in the restaurants selected for us. We are already looking on the website for our next destination!" - Brenda A. and Lynne A., Glasgow, Scotland

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